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“40 mm guns firing aboard Hornet on 16 February 1945, as the carrier’s planes were raiding Tokyo.”


“Crash landing of F6F-3, Number 30 of Fighting Squadron Two (VF-2), into the carrier’s port side 20mm gun gallery, 10 November 1943. Lieutenant Walter L. Chewning, Jr., USNR, the Catapult Officer, is climbing up the plane’s side to assist the pilot from the burning aircraft. The pilot, Ensign Byron M. Johnson, escaped without significant injury. Enterprise was then en route to support the Gilberts Operation. Note the plane’s ruptured belly fuel tank.”






This is a test, planning on recording something more complicated at a later date.


Sigmund Freud on wikipedia:

Eight-year old child worker, Massachusetts, 1915

Eight-year old Jack on a Western Massachusetts farm. He is a type of child who is being overworked in many rural districts. See Hine Report, Rural Child Labor, August, 1915. Location: Western Massachusetts, Massachusetts.



“The first test began at dawn on Jan. 27, 1951, as a United States B-50 bomber dropped a nuclear warhead from nearly 20,000 feet onto Frenchman Flats in the Nevada desert. The device, codenamed Able, detonated 1060 feet above the desert floor, shaking the earth and echoing through the nearby mountains. The test would be the first of more than 900 documented nuclear detonations that would take place at the Nevada Test Site between 1951 and 1992.

“Mushroom clouds could be seen from Vegas,” some forty-five miles away, says Karen Green, curator at the Atomic Testing Museum. “Viewing parties were held on casino rooftops and people drove out of town to watch.”” –

A source says the test in the photo was part of the Operation Plumbbob but I cant verify this.